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Josie’s Journey has been out and about Lending A Caring Paw and here is what our community has to say about us!

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For some of our shyest children, being able to interact with the dogs from Josie's Journey has allowed them to come out of their shells and try something new.


When the dogs come into the classroom, especially if the morning has been a little difficult, you can feel the mood in the room lighten. Children and adults can't help but smile, and the visit changes the tone for the better for the rest of the day.

- Staff members from the Child Development Center


Finnley has also provided comfort to victims during sentencings. As a teen victim and their family members sit in a court room listening to the judge list off all the terrible things that their perpetrator did to them, Finnley is in their arms being petted and whispered to. Words cannot explain the amount of support that Finnley is providing to this family during this most difficult time. 


When Luna, a mini-golden doodle, arrives at our Center, she immediately makes her rounds to all the staff members. We cannot express how much staff look forward to her visits and immediately feel a sense of calmness during her visit. 


Luna knows that she’s here to comfort a child and makes an instant connection upon the child victim’s arrival. She follows the child into the soundproof interview room and sits next to the child. The forensic interviewers have observed Luna instinctively leaning into the child as they disclose their abuse. Luna has also been observed lying next to the forensic interviewer during an occasional tough interview. 

- Staff at the Cortland County Child Advocacy Center


Luna was a fantastic end to our staff development day.  She served as our staff wellness activity and she really had a positive impact on everyone’s mental health that day!  What’s better than a soft sweet cuddly pup!

- Staff from OCM BOCES

Career & Technical Education

This morning I was talking with Katie, she was saying “You can pet the puppy dog, yes you can.  You can kiss the Finnley puppy, yes you can”

When I asked her if she liked seeing the puppy dog she said “You can give the puppy dog lots of kisses, yes, oh yes you can!! The puppy dog will give you kisses yes they can!!” 

I love how she is able to recall the interaction, and this was just good communication not repetitive statements.  I think Finnley really made an impact on her.

-Staff member at the JM Murray Center Day Habilitation Program

JMMurray 2.jpeg

We are so proud of the difference we are making in our community and look forward to providing much more. If you would like to get involved with Josie’s Journey, please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you. 


All the best,

Tammy Barrows-Goddard, Owner- Josie’s Journey

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