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About Us

My name is Tammy Barrows-Goddard. I’ve recently divorced so many of you may know me as Tammy Goddard. With time, I am shifting back to my maiden name Tammy Barrows. I am the proud mother of three amazing Children. My son Baylie is a Data Analyst who reminds me to live life to the fullest, not to take it too seriously and to have fun along the way. My son Noah is in the Army and has shown me to go for your dreams, hard work pays off and you don’t always have to follow the crowd. My daughter is attending SUNY Cortland and is my voice of reason, my reality check and keeps my feet on the ground. I am also the proud mother of three dogs and a cat- a Newfypoo, Topher Jo, two Golden doodles, Hazel Josephine and Violet Josephine...all of whom make my life so much better. 


I’ve worked in the early childhood field my entire career as a teacher, program supervisor, mentor and national trainer- training social emotional programs. Throughout the years of my life, my work has exposed me to so much happiness, lots of good times and many accomplishments- I am so proud. I’ve also had my fair share of hard times, struggles and defeat. When times are good, they are good, and what I've found is when times are hard there isn’t always support available in our community to help us cope and get through those difficult times and experiences. Josephine was a very special part of my life and the support she gave me was unmeasurable. Josie’s journey is my way of honoring Josie and giving back to my community. Any of us who have loved an animal of any kind can attest to the love and comfort they provide for us. Josie’s Journey has been created to provide canine comfort to individuals/organizations during times of crisis and what constitutes a crisis is identified by the individual/organization. I am excited to begin offering canine comfort sessions and look forward to lending a caring paw in any way that supports our community.  

Our Purpose/Mission

Using the presence of canines to provide support, comfort and encouragement to individuals and/or groups during times of crisis and stressful situations. 

Our Vision

Through the use of volunteers, grant funds, sponsorships and donations, canines will provide a free of charge support session to individuals during times of crisis. 

Meet the Team


Finnley Joseph

Finnley is a 2 yr. old Yorkipoo who is training and working towards his Canine Good Citizenship Certification. He a little guy that you can pick up, hold and snuggle. Finnley has lots of different clothes and always arrives in style.  He loves to play fetch and can jump really really high. Finnley drives a red truck. Finnley’s favorite treat is chicken.


Luna is a 4 yr. old Mini Goldendoodle who has her Canine Good Citizenship Certification.  She is a sweet girl who loves to play and take long naps. Luna gives the best snuggles and kisses. Luna is always very excited to meet new people. She loves to have her belly rubbed and can shake your hand and give you a high five. Her favorite treat is broccoli.

Luna for bio and slobbered.jpg


Sadie is an F1 Goldendoodle.  She was born on a farm in Waterloo, NY. Sadie has been certified as a therapy dog for over 5 years and has visited many people and places throughout Central New York. She loves lying on the couch and watching TV, exploring the back yard and sleepy naps on the porch. She gives great hugs! Her favorite snack is anything her people are eating!


Sophie is a four year old F1 Goldendoodle.  She was born on a farm in Waterloo, NY. She is a sweet and lovable goofball. She loves playing with her sister, running in the yard and ICE CREAM! She loves being close to anyone. Her favorite thing is to sit on your lap.

Oliver Joseph - October 2022.jpeg

Oliver Joseph

Oliver is a 5 month old medium sized Goldendoodle puppy. He is the newest addition to the Josie’s Journey team and will melt your heart. He has started his Therapy Dog Certification training and is so calm and relaxed. He loves to hug and snuggle anyone and everyone. He has the fluffiest fur that makes snuggling him even sweeter. Oliver’s favorite treat is cucumbers.


Bruce is a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. Bruce loves people and loves attention. He competes in dog sports with his partner Tom Fernandes. Bruce is happiest when he is with his family including his four legged sister Ellie especially when they go on their daily walks.  



Ellie is a well traveled rescue who came to our family in April of 2021 by way of Chicago from Oklahoma. She joined her big brother Bruce, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and fit into the family like she was meant to be. She has attended classes at Dottie's Dog School and would like to try her athletic paws at Agility.  She is a sweet, mild mannered, happy little girl who is currently in training.

*Josie's Journey is always looking for new team members! If you would like to inquire about getting YOUR animal signed up with Josie's Journey, please fill out the contact form below, specifying your reason for contact OR you can contact Tammy Barrows-Goddard directly at: 607-745-8600.*

How are we different?

We are comfort dogs, but our focus is specific to crisis. We will provide comfort and support during a crisis event or situation. 

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