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Lending a Caring Paw

We’re pleased to share that in last few years since launching Josie’s Journey we have seen a tremendous growth in our organization. It brings us great joy to know that what started as a way to honor our Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Josephine, has grown into such a beneficial Canine Comfort Service spreading comfort to anyone in need during crisis in our greater Cortland community.

Growth of the Journey

Currently, we have four dog and handler teams lending a caring paw every day in some of the most needed situations in our area. With more comfort pups and handler teams being trained and introduced into new crisis environments, we’re encountering more and more rigorous financial obstacles to leap over. Not only does each Comfort Canine on our team come with general homing and housing costs, but each dog is regularly participating in new trainings, learning new skills and earning new certifications.

To be the best at our jobs of Lending a Caring Paw – using the presence of canines to provide support, comfort and encouragement to individuals and/or groups during times of crisis and stressful situations - we’re barking up very tall financial trees. Our vision is to continue being able to provide canines free of charge to those who need them most!

Please consider becoming a sponsor to our growing organization. Your contribution will allow us to maintain our growth as well as continue to provide essential services at no charge to those in crisis in our community.

We are pawsitivley happy to talk with you and answer any questions that you may have about our amazing work. Please reach out to us by phone at 607-345-7660; by email at, or on social media @josiesjourney2019

Thank you from our paws to our hearts,

Tammy Barrows-Goddard
Josie’s Journey Owner and Director

Donations and Sponsorships

Please contact Tammy to make any donations or sponsorship inquiries. 

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